Amy Root’s “The Knot” Created A Safe Bubble For Collaboration

On the 24th of November 2022, the Dutch Electronic duo Lukas Amer and Sjoerd Huissoon known as Amy Root will release their four-track EP The Knot. The release features a broad scope of inspiration that has come as a result of new contacts, new equipment, various city trips, and their new working space in The Hague. Their first single, “The Knot” is currently available.

The album also includes collaboration in terms of visuals, lyrics, sound design, and working with, among others, Felix Machtelinckx (Tin Fingers), Simon Nuyten (Bazart) and Toon Jannsens (Forbidden Fruit).

The duo say of the new track:

Together with Felix Machtelinckx’s writing, The Knot became a mysterious journey towards the transcending sounds of this single. Already during one of the first jam sessions with Felix Machtelinckx, the dynamic between Lukas, Sjoerd and the hypnotizing vocals of Felix became fruitful for creation. Soon their collaboration became a safe bubble in which they organically created the colourful single, taking you to different outscapes of today’s electronic music.

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