Badlands Readies Outlaw Electronica For ‘Call To Love’

[Cover photo credit to John Cowhie]

Swedish Producer, composer, and sound designer Catharina Jaunviksna, a.k.a Badlands, has announced her new album Call to Love, the followup to last year’s Djinn, a memorial to her late mother. The album will arrive on November 18th, 2022. Along with the announcement, she shared the album’s lead single, “My Time Will Come Again.”

The song draws on a mix of electronic and orchestral instrumentation, vinyl samples, field recordings, and analogue malfunctions and overdubs resulting in a sound described as “outlaw electronica.”

Making use of organic sounds and other “analog dirt” is foundational for Jaunviksna. This album also consists of “a series of love letters to people and situations that were left unended”.

“My Time Will Come Again” Single Art, Credit: Brigita Ektermane

She explains:

The soundscape has been crucial in getting my message across; what’s beautiful and vulnerable emerges through imperfection and letting yourself lose control. The record is a call to/for merciless, intuitive love, in an age where love is capitalized and being emotionally unavailable has become a desirable ideal. It’s a tribute to love in all its wonderful, brutal, mean, horny and embarrassing forms.

‘Call to Love’ Album Art, Credit: Brigita Ektermane
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