Obsidious Goes Behind The Scenes Of Their Album ‘Iconic’ On “Lake Of Afterlife” Video

[Cover photo credit to Axel Winkler]

Modern Progressive Metal outfit Obsidious has revealed the official music video for their song, “Lake of Afterlife,” which is taken from their upcoming debut album, Iconic which arrives on October 28th, 2022, via Season of Mist in various formats, including vinyl. The new video goes behind the scenes of the making of the album Iconic.

Obsidious explains about the single:

This song narrates, in first person, the experience of a person whose time has come, but who is being stopped by external factors. And this person just wants to go in peace, that he has accepted his fate and does not want to suffer. It is a situation we have often seen of denial on the part of relatives of a person who is being kept alive, prolonging the inevitable.

The ‘Iconic’ cover artwork, created by Adrien Bousson

Vocalist Javi Perera comments on the album:

This album does not have a concept per se in terms of lyrics or an underlying storyline. The songs on this album touch on subjects of diverse nature, and there are even some songs that narrate personal experiences. But what I can consider as a common denominator in the album is the absence of constraints on a compositional or stylistic level, allowing us the freedom to shift between different musical genres as long as the song requires it. I always consider that we, as artists and musicians, are at the service of the music and not the other way around.

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