“Clarity” From Seven Purple Tigers Breaks Free From Introspection

German-American Indie rockers Seven Purple Tigers have unveiled their latest single “Clarity”, the first from their upcoming Daydream Echo Chamber EP, due to be released on November 4th. The single is accompanied by a video.  

“Clarity” was a song over two years in the making. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the guitar and piano riff that would become “Clarity” was recorded. The duo’s interest in developing the idea further that day waned, and the project remained on their hard drive for two years. 

When Seven Purple Tigers were looking for old demos to send to a new industry contact in 2022, they stumbled upon the project, then titled “Nice Chords,” again. This time the “creative spark was instant” and the duo soon returned to finish and demo it in a 15-hour session.

When discussing their latest single, Seven Purple Tigers wrote:

After a difficult introspective period, “Clarity” conveys the sense of lightness and clarity that one finally achieves. Phil and I [Austin] had both been through such a period when we wrote the lyrics to the song, so it became its focus. In the chorus and bridge, the tinges of melancholy reflect on the work done to reach a new understanding of oneself as well as the “now what?” feeling that comes from it.

Seven Purple Tigers has been crafting their transatlantic blend of Rock and Pop since 2015. From a disused, historic German Inn converted into a recording studio, Austin Horn and Phil Dyszy founded the band in Krakow, Poland. In addition to drummer Felix Schwer and bassist Sebastian Heieck, the band often summons a slew of guest musicians for their live performances. In Summer 2022, the Tigers also played a string of festival dates.

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