Watch Black Lava’s Video For “Eye Of The Moon” Filmed In A Dramatic Winter Landscape In Australia

[Cover photo credit to Joe Ritson]

Blackened Death Metal quartet Black Lava will be releasing their debut full-length album, Soul Furnace, on November 25, 2022 via Season of Mist. The band has shared a music video for their single, “Eye of the Moon”, which was filmed and edited by Colin Jeffs and produced by Black Lava and Ten of Swords.

Black Lava explains:

‘Eye of the Moon’ tells a story of a man embarking on a journey through harsh landscapes – such as snow, forests and mountains – in search of a witches lair, looking for strength and guidance. The clip was shot in the beautiful scenes of Mt Buffalo, in Victoria, Australia. With its stunning landscape, dramatic cliffs and peaks, it was the perfect location for the story to take place.

Filmed in the heart of winter over three days, the conditions were extremely difficult with temperatures dropping from -1 to -7 Celsius, which proved especially hard on camera equipment and the crews, with the constant snow, rain, and wind, made it near impossible to capture the artistic vision. Our hands were freezing at times and could hardly move,  but with an amazing dedicated team we persevered with its creation, and what you see is the result. We are extremely proud to present ‘Eye of the Moon’.

Cover artwork for ‘Soul Furnace’ was painted by Paolo Girardi

Vocalist Rob Watkins shares about the new album’s themes and inspirations:

In the world of Black Lava, the lyrics are set in a time and world long gone and forgotten, mostly made up of fantasy and a medieval theme, fitting for the realms of our style of music. We draw inspiration from the natural environment and mother nature, ancient witchcraft and the glory of warriors in battle. I picture Black Lava as visiting an ancient beast in a cave giving you a chance to escape the outside world through its tales and mythology.

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