Justin Saladino Band’s ‘Honest Lies’ Is About The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Montreal-based Blues and Roots Rock guitarist, songwriter and bandleader, Justin Saladino has released his second album, Honest Lies, Produced by Ariel Posen (The Bros. Landreth). The album explores relationship themes, but also social and political issues and being honest with oneself. Recorded at Tone Bender Studios in Saladino’s hometown of Montreal, the album also reflects a move towards vintage analog gear.

Justin Saladino discusses the title:

The oxymoron, Honest Lies, is the album’s central theme. It’s about the stories we tell ourselves. It’s not necessarily about straight-up dishonesty but the idea that we brainwash ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, into believing we are being truthful when we are being insincere on a fundamental level with ourselves. Like a well-meaning politician or media outlet with the people’s “best interest in mind,” two partners avoiding true vulnerability and biting their lip, or someone’s insecurity about X coming out as a prejudice against Y.

Earlier in 2022, Justin Saladino Band debuted many of the songs on Honest Lies during their performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival. The band is no stranger to major festivals, having appeared on multiple occasions at the Tremblant International Blues Festival, Montreal International Jazz Festival as well as the Ottawa BluesFest, and Festival d’Été de Québec in 2019. The group also showcased at the bi-annual all-Canadian Blues Summit held in Toronto.

Justin Saladino Band will be playing select dates throughout 2022, including their album release show on September 22nd, 2022, at Petit Campus in Montreal.

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