Sizzy Rocket Takes Her Camera Obession To New Levels For “Live Laugh Love” Video

[Cover photo credit to Worst November @worstnovember]

Electro-Pop-Punk artist Sizzy Rocket has returns two years after her Anarchy LP with a new album, Live Laugh Love, out November 11, 2022. To preview the album, she’s released the title track accompanied by a video, as an “ode to letting go through unhinged creativity and expression” hoping to “inspire the underdogs, the outcasts, and the misfits”.

Rocket says of the new album:

‘Live Laugh Love’ is an art punk extravaganza, two years in the making. These songs were truly ripped from my soul during a time when I needed inspiration more than anything. I just showed up to the studio every day fueled by bittersweet memories and wild nights. It’s a collection of my favorite stories I’ve never shared until now. And it finally feels like letting go, which is embedded in the message behind the phrase “Live Laugh Love” if you listen closely.

The “Live Laugh Love” music video was made with long-time collaborator Worst November in a desolate outlet mall in her home state of Nevada taking her well-known DIY approach.

Live Laugh Love artwork, Photos by Worst November @worstnovember / Design by Liam Brink @liaminthemiddle

She adds:

Directing and editing my own music videos has been such an important part of bringing this album to life. Somehow I became obsessed with cameras and analog camcorders – seeing the world in a new way through them. For this era specifically, I don’t think you can separate the music from the visuals – my artistry has grown so much so that now they’ve become intertwined. I’m excited to see where my camera obsession and these new mediums take me.

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