Watch Tom Freund’s Video For “The Year I Spent In Space”

[Cover photo credit to Natalie Ford]

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Tom Freund has shared a video for “The Year I Spent In Space,” taken from his upcoming album of the same name. The Year I Spent In Space will be released on Friday, September 23, 2022. Both the song and the album were inspired by the space-like experiences of isolation and distance created by the pandemic.

Tom Freund reflects on the song and the album:

‘The Year I Spent In Space’ speaks to what we all went through during the pandemic. Existing in your living room, alone for months and months on end. It had the appearance and feeling of being in space. Especially with the screens zapping on and off and the zoom technology, and seeing people I loved…and didn’t love… from far away stations.

The world felt strange and locked up and I was stuck in a bubble. Relating to people on a screen through the internet. I had friends and bandmates, but I was alone in that bubble for a lot of time… It also felt a bit like a cruel joke was being played on me because I wasn’t with a partner when it all started. And then I thought of the young ones and how this must have felt for them. These kids have been interrupted in their lives for a little over 2 years to be exact. You don’t get that back. They couldn’t even see facial expressions because of the masks.

And so I made music, always the great constant in my life, and it is also an album of hope. And when it’s over, I will rejoice with a hug to everyone I love. And we’ll go dancing on the streets until the sun comes up…

“The Year I Spent In Space” was co-produced by Sejo Navajas (Vintage Trouble, Weezer) and Tom Freund. The track also features Oliver Kraus on strings (Sia, Dave Mathews, Adele), Wally Ingram on drums (Sheryl Crow), and Chris Joyner on keyboards (Jason Mraz, Natalie Merchant). Freund sings all the vocals, plays piano, bass, and all of the guitar parts.

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