The Ember Glows Confront The Weight Of History With “The Mirror”

Montreal-based Indie Rock / Post-Punk quartet The Ember Glows will be releasing their new EP Where Spirits Play, recorded at Closet Studios in Montreal, on September 23rd, 2023. Ahead of this, they’ve revealed the single ‘The Mirror’. The band was formed in 2019 by members of Montreal-based indie artists Room ControlREPOScene Noir and Citylake and features Richard Bunze (guitar), Kevin Hills (bass), Martin Saint (vocals and guitar) and Dan Stefik (drums).

Frontman Martin Saint comments on the single:

This song is about how most nations carry skeletons in their closets – even the so-called peaceful ones. Sooner or later, we must face the weight of history and the past hits us hard collectively. We don’t shy away from difficult subjects, but neither do we wish to preach or claim to know better than anybody else. Such sensitive topics have to be handled with delicate taste and utmost respect.

The lyrics are only a personal reflection that came about some two years ago after some of my work in association with APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network), but prior to the ghastly Canadian Residential School mass grave revelations. Musically, this kind of subject matter needed something driving, yet hypnotic enough, to really drive the point home. The song slowly builds up until we explode as a full band.

Just recently, the band also released the single ‘Silent Love’, as well as issuing their ‘Passerby’ EP on cassette. Long-time friends since their teenage years, “personal chemistry and musical synchronicity” brought together the members of The Ember Glows. With all four members also being part of other bands, what started as a side-project ultimately became everyone’s main musical priority.

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