Happy 1st Birthday To Wildfire Music + News!

September 13th, 2022 marks one year of continuous music coverage at Wildfire Music + News and one year further down the road for music makers and the industry as it navigates the massive challenges posed by the events of 2021 and 2022. Remarkably, the past year has shown a seemingly unprecedented amount of music being created and released in various formats to audiences, and of course, the return of many live performance events and tours, though the joy of live shows has only returned with a fair amount of flexibility and understanding from musicians, venues, and fans along the way. No doubt that will continue to be the case.

What all that means is that it has become even more necessary for there to be online access to music, to news, to event information, and to hearing from the artists directly about their experiences. Starting Wildfire Music + News was a little bit of a leap of faith that it would find its purpose in being needed and valued by musicians and fans. Remarkably, from the first day’s overwhelmingly positive reception by musicians, industry professionals, and fans, to this point, 365 days later, that need has been consistently been clear. In fact, that affirmation has been shouted and shared, with the site being praised and valued for seeking to support musicians who take creative risks, who pursue their personal vision, who get experimental, who investigate tradition, and who have a heart for reaching audiences and creating musical communities.

It would be impossible to convey thanks fully enough to every one who has read these articles, now numbering over 1000 pieces, including 62 full-length interviews. Thank you to the PR folks who bring positive energy to working together, thank you to the musicians who have shared their stories, and thank you to the readers who check out the site every day or keep an eye on our social media accounts. This is one way to support music and musicians, and you are contributing directly to that outcome.

Wildfire Music + News looks forward to gradual expansion over the coming year, hoping to add more writers’ voices to the discussion of music on the site, hoping to take in more live event coverage to celebrate shows, and hoping to draw attention to many more of the countless artists out there working hard and hoping to find a larger audience.

We continue to fully support our mission statement to operate as a “celebration of music’s uplifting and often subversive role in our collective experience” and to make sure this is a space for “diversity and inclusivity in content and voice”. We do this because “we believe that the arts should be a dynamic space for expression regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or other myriad empowering forms of self-identification”.

Make sure to check out our social media to discover new content every day and here’s to the coming year!

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