Hellsingland Underground Finds ‘Endless Optimism’ In Creating Their Own Studio

Six-man Swedish Rock band Hellsingland Underground has shared the new single “It Started with a Teardrop”, taken from the upcoming full-length Endless Optimism, their sixth album since their founding in 2006. After several tours cancelled due to the pandemic, the band bought their own studio located at a sawmill where they recorded the new album and the video for this single.

Guitarist Peter Henriksson explains:

It has always been a boy’s dream to own my own studio and be able to record as much as I want when I want. We call it Hellquarters and it functions both as a studio, a warehouse and a place that is just really nice to hang out at. We moved in there for 12 days when we laid the foundation for the slab. We lived in a bubble with no contact with the outside world, which was very good for the result.

On Endless Optimism especially on the single “It Started with a Teardrop”, the band “continues to describe the world of their time, both from a small-town perspective and the world at large”.

Singer Charlie Granberg reflects on the album:

We just obey the music, in which direction the music wants to take us. The previous record was more spacious and experimental, featured more keyboards and less guitars, which divided the fans into two camps. Some loved it, others hated it. We loved the reaction – people shouldn’t be able to paint us into a corner. Then you get stuck. We are always moving forward into unknown territory.

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