Romeo Vaughn’s “Over” Breaks Down A Back And Forth Relationship

Texan and Mexican-American Country artist Romeo Vaughn has released new single “Over”. Co-written by Nashville songwriters Jason Nix, Daniel Isbell, and Matt McVaney, the song was written a few years back before it found its home with Vaughn. The song explores the tension and possible “breaking point” in a “long back and forth relationship.”

Self-described as “songs from the south and beats from the city,” Vaughn’s Texan roots and Nashville influences are both evident in his take on the track. Vaughn considers some of his most prominent musical influences to be George Strait, Keith Whitley, Michael Jackson, and Aventura. He also is highly influenced by his Hispanic roots, and is inspired by Latino artists such as Intocable, Emilio Navaira, Grupo Mazz, Jaime De Anda, Solido, and more.

Vaughn recorded his first album in 2013 in Texas, titled The Beginning. He was a part of the Tejano music scene in Texas when he was a child and has been in the industry for over fifteen years. Now, he’s working on his new projects in Nashville. When Vaughn isn’t making music, he loves dancing and designing clothing including his own, having worked with prominent designers in Nashville and Texas.

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