Dorian Concept Announces ‘What We Do For Others’ From Brainfeeder

[Cover photo credit to Jake Gsoellpointer]

Oliver Johnson, aka Dorian Concept, returns with a new album, What We Do For Others, out on October 28th, 2022 on Brainfeeder. To herald the announcement, he has shared the lead single and video “Let It All Go,” with visuals directed by Johnson himself.

Dorian alone is responsible for all the sounds on this new track as well as the entirety of What We Do For Others.

He says of the single and video:

To an extent it’s about me re-connecting with my teenage self – but with a certain skepticism towards the sentimental and nostalgic energies that come up when you look back. I like that Carl Jung once said that ‘sentimentality is a superstructure covering brutality’. I wanted the video to capture this feeling of unease you can have towards your own past.

What We Do For Others marks the third studio album by the Austrian producer and synth lover. All the elements and layers were recorded without interruptions and deliberately not edited. The title came to Johnson in a dream and stuck with him and making the album was a process of following his gut rather than overtly trying to make something that other people would like.

He adds:

I feel like for me as a musician – up until now I’ve always had this drive to do things ‘properly’ – to somehow strive for perfection. But this is an album about me letting go of that urge – about understanding that there’s something magical that happens in these first takes we often call drafts… a spirit is captured. And once you try to re-record it, the essence of the idea gets lost. So in a way I wanted to see how little ‘control’ I could exert on the music whilst recording it… to almost let the music make itself.

The album artwork is by the Austrian artist Kurt Neuhofer.

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