Don’t Panic’s “Conquer Divide” Is About The Vulnerable Feelings Necessary For Change

[Cover photo credit to Noah Shephard]

Arizona Rock outfit Don’t Panic have released new album 42 and reveled a new music video for their single “Conquer Divide”. The album alsp includes the single “Time Machine” which was initially released in April 2022. After ten years working together, and after a brief hiatus, the band returned to the studio to record their new album in 2021. “Conquer Divide” channels guitar Rock traditions looking for an approachable but heavy sound.

While the music video hints at “a deep message of chaos and a feeling of feeling powerless”, vocalist Dylan Rowe describes the song as being “…about compassion, understanding, forgiveness, anger, hope, all of the vulnerable feelings critical to realize change.”

Since forming in 2012, the quartet has carefully picked out influences ranging from Progressive Rock, Indie, and flavors from the mainstream. Don’t Panic’s previously released EPs include DOS Robot Circus (2014) and The Sleepy EP (2015).

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