Karin Park Takes Back “Tokyo By Night” For A Less Well Behaved Version

Karin Park has released the single “Tokyo By Night” ahead of her album Private Collection which arrives from Pelagic Records on October 7th, 2022. The new album strips back Park’s compositions to a more essential core, focused on her vocals and organ music. The song “Tokyo By Night” has an unusual history for Park, one which she needed to revisit.

Park shares:

The first time I heard a finished version of this track was in 2013 when I saw a youtube clip of it being played at Tomorrowland in front of at least a hundred thousand people. I had no idea it was coming out. Someone had signed a contract behind my back and Tokyo By Night got a life beyond my control. I was amazed by the journey it had taken. But in my head I always heard this song in a totally different version which I have recorded now. I am really looking forward to share this with all of you and while my version is of course darker and less behaved, I hope I can win you over.

Karin Park is known in Scandinavia for a year of sold out shows as the lead in Les Miserables in Oslo and performances alongside Lana Del Rey and David Bowie, but less known to a wider public. However, her new album will have a European tour with A.A. Williams this Fall.

She comments on the new work:

This record is very much a journey in solitude that I’ve been longing to make. These are my favourite songs from 20 years of writing, re-recorded as I hear them now. Many of these versions are how I play them live, alone with my synths, mellotron and organ.

Joining her on some tracks are her husband Kjetil Nernes (Årabrot) on guitars and Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound) on synths, as well as Benedetta Simeone on cello. Otherwise, Private Collection is indeed a very private affair.

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