Yacht Punks Bandaid Brigade Navigate Extreme Highs And Lows For ‘Sex Is Terrifying’

Yacht Punk band Bandaid Brigade have released their new long-player, Sex Is Terrifying, via XTra Mile Recordings. Recorded at High Tower Studios by James Whitten and mixed at The Blasting Room by Chris Beeble, Sex Is Terrifying is an intentional album that builds on the Seventies and Eighties-inspired foundations of the band’s first album, I’m Separate. The record sets out to navigate “both the extreme highs and abject depths of human existence”.

Musicians and friends Zach Quinn (PEARS) and Brian Wahlstrom (Scorpios, Gods of Mount Olympus) create their sound simply by “being themselves and making the music they love without irony or fear of not fitting into the scenes which their other bands are part of”.

Wahlstrom elaborates:

I’ve never had anything close to this. I feel like I’m able to be myself and be who I am as a musician and writer, but also my personality. I’d tried to play piano in punk before, and Zach was the first person in that punk community who said that that’s what I should be doing! This is a project where I can totally be myself. This is my home.

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