Kulick Reunites With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn For “Goner” Celebrating Loners Who Are Searching

Four years ago singer-songwriter and Producer Kulick went on his first nationwide tour with Sleeping With Sirens. Now he has released a new track “Goner” reuniting with Sirens’ singer Kellin Quinn. The stand-alone single follows his second full-length album Everyone I Know Will Die which debuted in early 2022 via ENCI Records. You can still read Wildfire’s previous interview with Jacob Kulick about the new album right here.

The Pennsylvania-based artist says:

Goner is a song that I wrote in 2016 when I first started my solo music career. I really attached to the song when I went on tour with Sleeping with Sirens, and I wanted to see if Kellin Quinn would want to sing his own verse. I gave him a folder of songs to choose from, but this one resonated with him, so I knew it was meant to be. This is a song for the loners who just feel free out in the world, searching for something greater than themselves.

Art by April Rose Gabrielli

Kulick adds on Instagram:

This song has been with me for quite some time, and I hope you use it for your own purpose, whether that be a long drive, a workout, or something therapeutic for yourself.

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