Ov Stars Bring Debut Album ‘Tuesdays’ To Vinyl

[Cover photo credit to Nick Kiefer]

The Asbury Park-based songwriting team of former Psychic TV bassist Alice Genese and Shaune Pony Heath operate as the outfit Ov Stars, and will be releasing their debut EP, Tuesdays on vinyl for the first time. The five-song EP was produced, engineered and mixed by Jeff Berner, another alumnus of Psychic TV, at Studio G Brooklyn and Palace Of Sports.

Through an introduction by Alice Genese’s brother, the pair began a friendship which grew over the years into a “musical kinship”. After many months of meeting on Tuesdays to write together, they decided the obvious next step was to record.

When the time came to find a producer for this record, Genese suggested friend and former Psychic TV band mate Berner. Genese provided lead and backing vocals while Heath contributed lead and backing vocals and piano. They were joined by Berner on multiple instruments and drummers John Weingarten (Psychic TV, Naam), Randy Schrager (Jesse Malin, Scissor Sisters, Psychic TV touring drummer), and Richard Salino (Psychic TV live sound engineer).

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