Milan McAlevey’s ‘Islands Of Milans’ Tracks A Return From Abject Loneliness

Singer/songwriter Milan McAlevey of Maine rock band Coke Weed has announced new LP Islands of Milans due out September 30th, 2022, via Fortune Tellers. To kick off the album, he has shared the record’s first single, You Can Get It“, featuring vocals by Nina Donghia. It tells the story of McAlevey’s isolation following Coke Weed’s demise and a major breakup.

Speaking about the record’s first single and its deeply personal aspects, McAlevey writes:

In 2016, my band Coke Weed ended, then Nina and I broke up after 10 years, and I had a significant breakdown. I was in a dark place for a few years and landed in a historically crummy tenement on Congress Street in Portland, ME, where I proceeded to slowly put my life back together. ‘You Can Get It’ is written from a place of abject loneliness, an outsider dreaming and yearning to be accepted back into some kind of mainstream life. Fittingly, the song features Nina’s lovely duet vocal, so in a way it closes one of the circles.

Islands of Milans was recorded in Portland, Maine and upstate New York. While largely being a one-person production, featuring the voice and guitar work of McAlevey, the record also features contributions from several guest musicians, including Maine artists dilly dilly and Micah Blue Smaldone (Cerberus Shoal), as well as indie veterans Walter Martin (Walkmen), and Nina Donghia (Coke Weed).

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