Watch Nicholas Cage Fighter’s Eco-Friendly “Static Abyss” Video

[Cover photo credit to Jayden Pitts]

Australian Metal band Nicholas Cage Fighter have revealed their video for “Static Abyss”, a single from their debut full-length album The Bones That Grew From Pain, which arrived in July 2022. They will be touring throughout Australia this August with Relapse, Blood On My Hands, and Shōkan.

They comment on the new track and video:

“Static Abyss” is one of our personal favorites from the album, and it’s an absolute killer live. The lyrics driving this song are about humanity’s impact on the planet, and the necessity for us as individuals to play our part in making a positive change to the world around us. There’s plenty of riffs to get violent to and some super catchy grooves that have us banging our heads hard every time we play it. There’s a little bit of everything in this one that’s certain to get you up off your feet and into the pit. We’re incredibly proud of this music video and thrilled that we’re finally able to share it with everyone.

Formed in Victoria, Australia in 2011, the band have steadily released singles and EPs, sharing stages with Attila, Thy Art Is Murder, Thick As Blood and Deez Nuts. Their guitarist Justin Ellis and bassist Tom Bardwell hail from a Hardcore background and drummer Matt Davenport emerged from Death Metal before blending their styles with the vocal techniques of frontman Nicholas Moriarty.

The full album took on some new directions, as they describe below:

The record feels darker than anything we’ve ever done before. We’ve also included more melodic, ambient and experimental parts than we’ve ever implemented on any previous release, and we feel that the record is a natural progression and evolution from the ‘Cast You Out’ EP. It’s heavier, faster, the breakdowns will crush your head in, but there’s also some stuff we haven’t tried before and is at the cutting edge of modern heavy music.

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