Watch Paul Roessler’s Fractal Video For “The Late Show” Created By Ruby Ray

[Cover photo credit to Rachel Roessler]

Following the release of his latest record The Turning Of The Bright World, LA musician and Producer at Kitten Robot Studios, Paul Roessler has revealed a video for “The Late Show”. It was directed/created by a long-time friend of Roessler’s, photographer/artist Ruby Ray, as a state of the art fractal AI-generated video designed to “transport viewers to dimensions and visual landscapes quite unlike anything they’ve seen before”. We recently interviewed Paul Roessler about this album here at Wildfire. You can still find that here.

Roessler talks about making the video:

“I’ve known Ruby Ray since the late 70’s when she was taking photos of the Screamers during the Target Video sessions. I could never have known that those photos would pop up again and again over the decades. In 1978, Robert Fripp (King Crimson) joined the Screamers onstage. That’s one of those memories that you just treasure but there was NO documentation of it! Nothing! Decades later Ruby contacted me and it turns out she was at the show, had recently developed the film, and there it was!!! Twenty-year-old me and Robert Fripp jamming! Being a prog guy, that was a pretty big deal for me. In 2014 she contacted me about Levi’s using one of her great pictures of me and Tomata for an advertisement.

Later, I noticed that she was posting fractal art on social media. I have a deep connection to fractals as it is the artistic manifestation of Chaos Theory, which I have been fascinated with for many years. Once again, Ruby and I were oddly connected…shall I say fractally? So I had the idea for her to generate fractals and put them to one of my songs. I was thrilled that she decided to use ‘The Late Show’ for her piece. It is a very special song to me and I never really imagined visuals to it. I am actually reticent to put visuals to my songs, I prefer the listener’s imagination to do that job. But the song really is about unknowable mystical connections and synchronicity and Ruby and I seem to have a lot of those.”

A prolific Producer who runs the LA production stable Kitten Robot Studios, Roessler has served as the producer/engineer on Kitten Robot releases from Josie Cotton, Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer, Hayley and the Crushers, Tombstones In Their Eyes, and CrowJane.

More about Paul Roessler:

In the 1980s, Paul started the band Twisted Roots along with Pat Smear (Germs/Foo Fighters) and his sister Kira prior to her involvement with Black Flag.  Paul also partnered on music with Mike Watt (Crimony) and Dez Cadeda (DC3), as well as joining with a wide variety of artists/bands, including 45 Grave, Nervous Gender, Geza X and the Mommymen, and Nina Hagen.  The subsequent years saw him join forces with Mark Curry, Prick, Leah Andreone, and Gitane Demone Quartet. Paul Roessler’s production career has also seen him produce for T.S.O.L., Richie Ramone, Pat The Bunny, and many other bands and artists.

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