Cris Hodges Reacts To Abuse Of Power With “Tear it Down” Featuring TheUnder

[Cover photo credit to Jake Douglas]

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and engineer Cris Hodges has released the second single of his debut solo album Black Hole Magic, which arrives on October 7th, 2022, via Riptide Music Group. Second single Tear It Down features Producer and labelmate TheUnder, and is accompanied by a video.

Hodges explains:

I wrote ‘Tear It Down’ about abuse of power and using poverty as a means of control. The lyrics were inspired by several experiences while touring different parts of the world and speaking to communities who were doing their absolute best to stay alive and provide for their families. They seemed stuck, afraid to challenge the rules and rulers that oppressed them. Maybe no one has ever given them permission to challenge their current life experience. I wanted to do that with this song.

Hodges previously shared the album’s lead single “Devil In Charge”. Hodges is a native Texan who moved to Los Angeles to work as a topline specialist, vocal performer and composer, working behind the scenes with Paramount Pictures, Sony, Nickelodeon and Riptide Music Group, among others.

Inspired by Pop sensibilities as well as alt-rock icons like Stone Temple Pilots and Jane’s Addiction, Hodges seeks out a “mixture of heaviness and emotionalism” in his music.

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