Mercy Union’s ‘White Tiger’ Taps Into Radio Rock

Mt. Crushmore Records and New Jersey-based rock band Mercy Union have released White Tiger, the trio’s second full-length studio album, available on vinyl and in other formats. Inspired by memories of frontman Jared Harts connection to late-nineties/early-aughts Radio Rock, the album latest single is “Evergreen”.

Recorded at Audio Pilot Studios by Rob Freeman, mixed by Gates’ Kevin Dye and mastered by Mike Kalajian, the new album helps redefine the kind of band that Mercy Union aims to be.

Hart explains:

The ultimate theme going into this record was if this is the last record I ever make, I’m going to make the thing I’ve always wanted to make.

The album White Tiger is named for a ceramic white tiger brought back from Japan by Hart’s grandfather and which the band used as a “votive” during the recording process.

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