Drew Beskin & The Sunshine’s Debut Arose From A One-Time Studio Session

Athens, Georgia-based songwriter and performer Drew Beskin has released three solo albums, but in the Fall of 2020, he enlisted the help of three friends for what was supposed to be a one-off studio session. Unexpectedly, Drew Beskin & The Sunshine was born, with their name “signifying a sunny break in the murky sadness of the pandemic”. They’ve since announced their debut LP Somewhere Sideways Same As You, due out September 23rd, 2022 on Beskin’s own Super Canoe and guitarist Tommy Trautwein’s WBAZ Records. Alongside the announcement, the group has shared the new Indie-Rock single, Pear Plum Blues.”

Beskin comments:

I started writing this one slowly over the holidays of 2020. I am not necessarily a big fan of the holiday season, and to me, it feels like an anti-holiday track but still hopeful in the celebration of those feelings. When I demoed it, the song had a Tom Petty ‘Walls’ feel, but as soon as I brought it to the band, Gideon & Tommy immediately wanted to rock it out and I was happy to oblige.

Across several months, the crew recorded the tracks at Trautwein’s home studio, We Bought a Zoo, compiling the 11-track record in a total of 11 days.

Beskin adds:

We went into the studio to try out a new tune with no plans of doing much else. It was my first time recording with my friends who would become The Sunshine. We tracked everything for the song in a day. The end result was so much fun and we just took it one song and day at a time until we realized we were making an album.

Live Dates:
9/17: Athens, GA @ September Days Festival
10/28: Athens, GA @ Ciné
11/4: Atlanta, GA @ American Spirit Whiskey
1/14: Atlanta, GA @ Smith’s Olde Bar

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