Dramatic Tour Travel Inspired Bill Scorzari’s ‘The Crosswinds Of Kansas’

[Cover photo credit to Jacob Blickenstaff]

New York-based singer/songwriter Bill Scorzari, will be releasing his 4th studio album, The Crosswinds of Kansas independently on August 19th, 2022. Much of The Crosswinds of Kansas was inspired by his three-month-long Now I’m Free Tour in 2019, moving between the East Coast to the West Coast and back, and taking the time to visit landmarks and go hiking along the way.

His tour was impacted when he heard that his 94-year-old mother’s health was taking a turn, and he started a four-day drive home. He faced tremendous cross-winds in Kansas, with left him with sore arms from steering through them, leading to the song “1-70 East” and the album’s title. That single is out now.

Scorzari says:

When I wrote ‘I-70 East,’ I immediately knew that it was going to be the first track on this new album, even before I wrote the others, and when you cue up this record, it’ll be the first song that you hear when the music begins.

Once home, Scorzari began working on songs, some of which were new creations and some of which were reworkings of songs from his back catalog which also fit well within the themes and moods of what was becoming the new album. He also continued to build his home studio to work in.

The album was recorded in two locations, beginning in 2020 at Scorzari’s First Thunder Recording Studios in Huntington, NY, and continuing at Skinny Elephant Recording in Nashville, TN, by Engineer Dylan Alldredge in 2021 and again in 2022. Neilson Hubbard (Mary Gauthier, Sam Baker, Kim Richey) joined as Co-Producer during the Nashville sessions, and also played drums and/or percussion on all of the tracks. 

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