The Reed Effect Shares A Very Meaningful Video For ‘1973’

Toronto Rock group The Reed Effect have revealed their video for “1973”, the title track from their latest album. The video features a bandmate who was, sadly, lost to suicide in 2020 and the song itself is one in which some very special collaboration occurred.

Kirk Reed explains:

The story behind “1973” goes like this: It was during a rehearsal with Chris and Bryan. It started with Chris’s bass line…And I improvised lyrics and one of the first that came out was, ‘haven’t had that since 1973’ so we built the whole song around that…went through different incarnations lyrically …Lots of trial and error.

Thankfully our producer Ted is nit-picky which paid off! My brother Chris Reed is actually in the video for “1973” as it was shot a couple of years ago. It will be Chris’s final music video of this lifetime. So, needless to say, it’s probably the most special video of my lifetime.

Hailing from Toronto, and having spent time playing live there, The Reed Effect are most influenced by Grunge, Metal, and Blues. They’ve played support for bands such as Jeff Martin of The Tea Party, The Wild, Die Mannequin, and Busty and the Bass.

Chris Reed, bassist, vocalist, bandmate, friend, and brother tragically took his own life on October 10th, 2020, just as their new album was about to be released. His brother and bandmate Kirk feels it is important to let the world hear this music, not just as a tribute to Chris and his legacy, but as a “celebration of their collaboration and brotherly love”.

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