Wolf Rd’s Operatic Single “Burn All Your Bridges” Acknowledges Growing Apart

[Cover photo credit to Kelley Curran]

Wolf Rd (“wolf road”) is a Rock band from Chicago, Illinois that combines Pop-Punk, Emo, and more, and are known for their high energy stage performances. They recently released new single “Burn All Of Your Bridges” along with a companion music video.

Wolf Rd frontman Chris Hoffmann says:

We wanted to create a song that takes fans on a journey, both emotionally and sonically. We spent a lot of time writing our most brutal riffs and breakdowns, and then finding ways to connect them together within a single song. Burn All Of Your Bridges is our ‘Stairway To Heaven’ – it has so many different pieces. It’s like if a metalcore song was an opera with different movements and sections.

Speaking about the song’s lyrics, Hoffmann continues:

‘Burn All Of Your Bridges’ is about growing apart from someone you used to feel close to. I think a lot of people might not catch that right away, because of how aggressive the song is musically. Growing up sucks, and a big part of that is people change. Most people change for the better, but sometimes a person who was really important to you gets older and becomes somebody you can’t stand to be around anymore.

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