Watch Andrew Combs’ Bergman-Inspired Video For “Anna Please”

[Cover photo credit to Alysse Gafkjen]

Andrew Combs will be releasing his new record Sundays on August 19th, 2022, via Tone Tree. He’s recently revealed the single “Anna Please”, as well as its Ingmar Bergman-inspired music video.

After a 2020-induced mental breakdown, Combs turned to transcendental meditation to find balance and to, in the words of surrealist director David Lynch, “catch the big fish”. He then began writing the songs that would eventually make up Sundays with collaborators Jordan Lehning (Caitlin Rose, Caroline Spence) and Dominic Billett (drums for Erin Rae, Julia Jacklin, Courtney Marie Andrews).

Recorded entirely in mono, this collection contrasts with Combs’ previous maximalist approach and brings in a sparse, fuzzy sonic palette with pronounced woodwinds.

Combs comments:

[Sundays] was recorded in mono, with no delay or reverberation on anything. It started as an exercise in keeping arrangements simple—adding many overdubs without the option of panning just becomes muddy, so we had to strip things down to accommodate. The mono sound ended up being the perfect match for the minimalist, meditative songs I was writing. The overall tone feels like a black-and-white short film.

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