Two Albums From The Kinks Get 50th Anniversary Deluxe Reissues

In 1971, British rock group The Kinks entered new phase of their career by signing with RCA Records. This meant a move away from singles towards songwriting from Ray Davies’ that emphasized album composition and personal themes, building on successes such as The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society. They also looked toward their American fanbase.

Two releases from this era will be getting a deluxe reissue this September, Muswell Hillbillies and the partially live album, Everybody’s In Show-Biz, Everybody’s A Star. To give a glimpse of what’s on these albums, “Celluloid Heroes (US Single Version 2022 Edit)” has also been released, which reflects on American heroes and stardom. The 50th anniversary of these two albums is being celebrated with various formats including a vinyl box set, separate vinyl releases, and CD.

This period’s first Kinks album, Muswell Hillbillies, was particularly personal for the band and also signaled a move back towards being a touring band, which would impact their recording plans.

Ray Davies comments:

Now with a new record company and a new image, I could bring some of the old wild western spirit into my music. These albums capture the re-emergence of the Kinks as a touring band.

Muswell Hillbillies’ release was supported by more US touring, including two 1972 nights at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Tapes of those shows formed the live half of 1972’s double-album, Everybody’s In Show-Biz – Everybody’s A Star.

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