Speed Down A Summer Highway With Dreamphone’s “Green Lights Flashing”

In their first release since 2021’s Softer EP, Dreamphone have returned with summer anthem “Green Lights Flashing. The song sets out to “feel like speeding down an East Coast highway on a hot July night, with the windows down and the stereo cranked to the max”.

Dreamphone is an Indie Dreamwave duo project by vocalist Hattie Simon and Producer Seb Zel, who both have an interest in “radical shifts in texture and dynamics”. Their debut EP, Softer, was produced to “feel like life underwater and in slow motion, carrying saccharine and surrealist sensibilities”.

Seb Zel is a composer, Producer and multi-instrumentalist based in NYC, whose credits span from emerging Chicago rapper F.A.B.L.E to filmmaker Andrew Garcia’s projects for HBO, Timberland, and more. Hattie Simon is a fixture in the New York creative music scene, affiliated with a wide range of NYC artists, appearing on records by ZENG, Alison Shearer, Horace Phillips, Goose Bolton, and others.

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