‘A Free Society’ From Night Crickets Gets A Vinyl Release

[Cover photo L to R: Victor DeLorenzo, David J, Darwin Meiners, Photo credit to Nina Rocio]

Night Crickets’ latest album A Free Society will be released on vinyl by Omnivore on July 29th, 2022 with exclusive vinyl artwork. Their single “Unreliable Narrator“ has also received a new video.

David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets) of Night Crickets comments:

There’s a lot of analogue warmth to this album which will only be emphasized all the more on vinyl. Vinyl was the format that I initially listened to music on when I was a kid and when it first became so important to me. So there is a degree of nostalgia there but what transcends that is the enveloping warm, rich quality of the sound.

David L also comments on the new artwork:

The vinyl art utilizes a painting by our friend, the very brilliant Mark Gleason. It features a flaming billboard which is such a loaded and arresting image. To me, it is suggestive of the idea of a free society being one that lives outside of the dictates of commercial manipulation and rampant consumerism. We discovered this image after the artwork for the CD was done but then agreed that it would work to use two different covers to distinguish the different formats.

In Night Crickets, David L is joined by Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes) and multi-instrumentalist/artist Darwin Meiners. DeLorenzo was involved in making the accompanying video for “Unreliable Narrator” which incorporates “kaleidoscopic psychedelia”, and we can spot parallels between the drumstick-antenna’ed Night Crickets and the Bubblemen, Love & Rockets’ alter egos.

Victor DeLorenzo observes:

I’ve never had the notion that someday my head would be encased in a glass bowl of smoke, but that’s show business. As a photographer, I love working with the different shades of light and shadow.

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