Chris Canterbury Leans Into Sad Songwriting For ‘Quaalude Lullabies’

[Cover Photo credit to Brooke Stevens]

Nashville-based, Louisiana-born artist Chris Canterbury will be releasing new album Quaalude Lullabies, on September 23rd, 2022, a nine track collection of “mostly sad songs” that take on topics like addiction, depression, and loneliness. The single The Devil, The Dealer & Me” is out now.

It will be his first studio album in five years since releasing Refinery Town, and was self-produced by Canterbury, his first venture in doing so.

He comments:

I wanted to woodshop a record together that felt like Nebraska. I wanted it to be loose like a box of bedroom demo tapes, but cohesive enough to stand on its own. I feel like we ended up with a solid album.

When I sat down to write this project, I tried to present each topic as a straight-forward Saturday morning kitchen conversation. That’s how I approach songwriting.

Canterbury was born to a working-class blue-collar family, and has been equally influenced by his grandfather’s Southern Baptist sermons and the “honky-tonk mystics” that he discovered on old vinyl records in high school. He writes stories about life from a unique point of view that takes in “liquor stores, truck stops, low-rent motels, and the grifters and transients that frequent them” and does not shy away from themes of struggle.