Writing ‘Everywhere I Used To Be’ Felt Like Coming Home For Mariel Buckley

Singer-songwriter Mariel Buckley will release her new album Everywhere I Used to Be on August 12th, 2022, via Birthday Cake Records. Produced by Marcus Paquin (The Weather Station, The Barr Brothers, Arcade Fire, The National, Julia Jacklin), Buckley’s second album is a journey to find herself artistically and as a person, covering themes of “heartbreak, unwanted change, and world-worn outsiders”. The first song “Shooting at the Moon is available now as a single and has an accompanying music video.

Buckley and Paquin made an intentional move towards Pop/contemporary production on the new album, and worked “in a daily rhythm of deconstructing and rebuilding each song to find its full potential”.

Buckey wrote the following “Mission Statement” for the new album:

“Beyond the queer thing, I already don’t fit the standard bill for acceptable female entertainers as it is. I have a lot of opinions that don’t jive with Norman Rockwell’s America, so to speak. It’s important to me that people see me as a different offering in the public eye, authentically and deliberately. There are a lot of people like me, and I want them to hear this record more than anyone.

When you grow up as the town freak, you get used to hiding who you are to become more palatable for those around you. While I’ve been great at speaking my mind in person, my music has often remained a vague, if not softer representation of my stuff, until now. All I said about my life in direct detail on my last record was that I was “kept a secret” -and I was terrified to go any deeper.

When I wrote this record, l felt myself becoming clearer in the process. I became softer in my personal life and sharper in my songs. I finally saw the person, musician and songwriter I wanna be coming into focus, all together. Mental illness, addiction, unacceptable and abusive relationships have made that journey really fucking long, and really difficult. It felt like coming home.

I just couldn’t carry this stuff around anymore. Selfishly, this album changed my life. It brought me some self-acceptance, however small, and now I want it to help someone else.I wrote this album for losers and underdogs. I want every outsider and lost soul to feel seen and safe with these songs. I wrote it for kids who do/did feel underrepresented in the mainstream media, in church, at school or at home. I wrote it for anyone who’s ready to make a change, and especially for those who aren’t.”

Mariel Buckley — 2022 Tour Dates
June 3 – Hamilton, ON, Canada – Mills Hardware
June 4 – London, ON, Canada – Aeolian Hall
June 8 – Kingston, ON, Canada – The Grad Club
June 9 – Ottawa, ON, Canada – National Arts Centre
June 10 – Petersborough, ON, Canada – Market Hall
June 11 – Toronto, ON, Canada – The Starlight Room @ El Mocambo
June 13 – New York, NY – City Winery
June 14 – Philadelphia, PA – City Winery
June 15 – Washington, DC – City Winery
June 18 – Nashville, TN – City Winery
June 20 – Chicago, IL – City Winery
June 21 – Minneapolis, MN – Dakota Jazz Club

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