Emo Forerunner Vitreous Humor Reissues 1995 EP

Indie / Emo pioneers Vitreous Humor have announced the remastered reissue of their influential 1995 self-titled EP, due October 21st, 2022, via Ernest Jenning Record Co. The EP’s first track She Eats Her Esses has been released as a preview in newly-remastered form. The reissue is also accompanied by a never-before-released set from January 3, 1996 at Chicago’s Fireside Bowl, now remastered by Bob Weston, who recorded the original EP. The new gatefold LP package will also include a previously-unreleased EP track “Myths To Live By” and features new art by D. Norsen.

Formed in 1989 in Topeka, Kansas, Vitreous Humor was best known as the flagship band on the Crank! record label operated from Santa Monica, California. They released two 7-inch records, one EP, and, after their dissolution, one full-length album of singles, demos, and live tracks. This compilation – Posthumous – was reissued by Ernest Jenning in 2021.

They shared stages with bands such as Archers of LoafCursive, and Boy’s Life, and their songs have been covered by bands such as  The Get Up Kids and Nada Surf. Their sound evolved over the seven-year lifespan of the band from “melodic, guitar heavy indie-rock/pop, to a more dissonant, angular, and aggressive attack”. Though they are often spoken of as forerunners of Emo, they were multi-genre in their tendencies.


1. She Eats Her Esses

2. Invention is a National Treasure

3. Applaud Water

4. 385 Ft. Wide

5. Looper

6. Squares of Squares

7. Gods of Dance

8. Myths To Live By (Previously Unreleased)

9. Invention is a National Treasure (Live at Fireside Bowl)

10. Wellington (Live at Fireside Bowl)

11. Breast Fed Boy (Live at Fireside Bowl)

12. Cat Shits Silver (Live at Fireside Bowl)

13. Our Lady of the Highways (Live at Fireside Bowl)

14. Whisper Twins (Live at Fireside Bowl)

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