They Kiss & Julian Lennon Reveal “Lookin’ 4 Love” Featuring Sunflower

[Cover photo credit from Pamela Garcia-Aguirre]

Los Angeles-based Pop duo They Kiss, including Anna Makovchik and Francesco Civetta (aka Cash) have shared their latest single “Lookin’ 4 Love,” from their upcoming album Feeling With You, due August 26 via CASH NYC Records. The album’s closing bonus track is a reimagining of the Julian Lennon single of the same name, featuring vocals from Julian Lennon himself, plus additional new lyrics and vocals from New York artist Sandflower.

While visiting friend Julian Lennon several years ago, Cash told him he really felt connected to his track “Lookin’ 4 Luv” from his 2011 release Everything Changes and wanted to rework it for a new generation. Back in New York, Cash teamed up with producer David Sisko and Sandflower and began working on creating a new song using Julian’s chorus hook and sampling his piano riff. They recorded new verses and built a new song around those samples, and thus the new version of “Lookin’ 4 Love” was born.

When Makovchik heard the song, she fell in love with the track and its message:

…that everyone is looking for love, and even if sometimes we are looking in the wrong places, there is always hope, so never lose faith in love.

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