Phantasm Wrestles With The Inner Shadow For ‘Shadow Work’

Phantasm is a Philadelphia-based Heavy, Alternative-Rock band who recently released the single Spirit Box (Tuned To You) from their forthcoming album Shadow Work, which arrives July 22nd, 2020. The single was inspired by the band’s real life experiences using a “spirit box” to connect with the metaphysical world. Though the song was inspired by experimenting, it also acts as “a metaphor and commentary on the digital age we live in today”.

Guitarist Steven Rosplock comments on working on the new album:

We started writing the songs for Shadow Work before COVID changed the world as we know it. Several personal and global events have transpired since then; it led the band to reassess what we were willing into being, and what we were willing to be. The pandemic gave us a long pause to look at how things really were when you strip back the noise of everyday life. Uncertainty, injustice and inequality everywhere; it’s a time to come together against those things, for sure, but it’s also a time to look inward and do the hard work. True lasting change happens when you work with your shadow and examine the parts of yourself you would prefer to lose. To know and understand the roots of the things blocking your progress, is a powerful thing.

Phantasm will be playing an album release show at Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia, PA on July 23rd, 2022.

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