Watch Rapport’s Friendship-Questioning Video For “Can’t Get It To Last”

Toronto-based Synth-pop group Rapport have recently released their ‘80s-pop fueled new EP Floating Through The Wonderwave via Arbutus Records. They’ve also shared the video for third single “Can’t Get It To Last”.

Speaking on the track Maddy Wilde of the band says:

On the surface, this probably sounds like your average love song. But it’s really about friendships and growing apart. Close friendships take different shapes- for example, friends who do everything together but have never actually been vulnerable with one another. It’s like maintaining a light and fluffy connection that has never really progressed further than a casual relationship. Friendships like this can go on for ages, and they are valuable, but they don’t seem to last as long.

She adds about the video:

Adrienne McLaren brought to life my vision of creating a music video mood similar to that scene in Grease where Danny walks around the drive-in singing about Sandy. For the drive-in movie, we made an experimental film not unlike one that would be submitted as an art class assignment. To get even more meta, we displayed the drive-in music video itself playing on a small Panasonic TV in various locations around the city. A video within a video within a video.

Toronto-born Maddy Wilde (Moon King, Born Ruffians) formed Rapport after a decade of playing in various local bands and performing with other artists. With band members Kurt Marble and Mike Pereira (Twist, Ducks ltd, Most People), they followed the urge to create “earnest Pop” despite their musical backgrounds in Garage, Punk and Glam rock.

Floating Through The Wonderwave is Rapport taking a “darker, more melancholic turn”. Themes of jealousy, neuroses and self-doubt arise as Wilde examines “the balance between artistic creation and self-promotion”. 

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