Thrift Store Halo’s “White Flag” Benefits World Central Kitchen For The Ukraine Ahead Of POP AID Benefit CD

Chicago-based Power-Pop-Rock outfit Thrift Store Halo are releasing new single “White Flag” today, sales of which benefit World Central Kitchen in feeding the citizens of Ukraine. The single also forms part of a larger project which arrives on August 5th, 2022 called the POP AID Benefit CD.

Thrift Store Halo comments:

While the war in Ukraine no longer garners top billing on the 24 hour news cycle, we all know that the situation there is still horrible. 

The 3-CD POP AID collection will be released vai the Kool Kat Musik record label, and will feature 63 new and unreleased tracks by Power-Pop-Rock artists from around the globe. Thrift Store Halo’s Frank C. Gradishar is an Executive Producer on the POP AID project, along with Kool Kat label head, Ray Gianchetti.

Originally formed in 1994, Thrift Store Halo released one EP and one LP before taking a near-20 year break in 1998. The band returned in August, 2017, with a new, six-song EP, Pop Rocket. In 2019, the band released the Consolation Prize Fighter EP. On February 18, 2022, the trio released a three-song EP, Enemies With Benefits, the first recording by the original lineup since 1998.

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