Charlie Burg Finds The Places In Our Past Stand ‘Infinitely Tall’

[Cover photo credit to Dannah Gottlieb]

Brooklyn-based, Metro-Detroit-raised singer-songwriter Charlie Burg has a debut LP, Infinitely Tall, coming up from FADER Label on August 15th, 2022, and has released a single that “evokes the way true friendship feels” called Chicago (Take It Or Leave It)“. The song’s video is set in a pizza parlor.

Infinitely Tall, the 15 track LP, is told in three chapters, each tied to a specific place in Burg’s life, from his childhood house in Detroit, to college in Syracuse, and now, life in New York City. The project “explores the various spaces in one’s life that may make, break, shape and uplift”. The album was produced by Mike Malchicoff, who has worked with Bo Burnham, Niall Horan, Kids See Ghosts and King Princess. 

Speaking to the chapter book structure of the album, Burg says:

I formatted this album in a three-chapter layout, with each group of five songs representing a different space in my life. The first is representative of the dreamlike nostalgia of one’s hometown; the second embodies a college house and the free spirit and recklessness of young adulthood; the third is city life, an ejection from youth into adulthood, and the endlessness that stretches out before you in the smoky urban expanses.

Painting: Charlie Burg / Editing: Corinne Ferman

Burg adds concerning the album title:

“Infinitely Tall” is a phrase from the final track of the album which was born out of a jam session with my friend Rebecca in my hometown years ago. As I reflected on the concept of the album that phrase accurately encapsulated the feeling I had when thinking about home. We might change. Home might change. But some things never die.

Photo credit to Dannah Gottlieb
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