Kiki Holli Transitions Away From Screens And Back To The World With “New High”

[Cover photo credit to Anna Azarov]

Los Angeles Indie-Pop vocalist KiKi Holli has released an original single, “New High”. This follows on from her cover of Roxy Music’s “More Than This”, which was the subject of a Wildfire interview. You can still check out that interview right here, including a Q&A about Kiki Holli’s musical influences. For the new single, she again collaborated with Silver Lake-based, Grammy-nominated producer Ethan Allen (Ben Harper, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tricky).

Their goal was to create a “landscape of music that envelops the listener in the neon glow of a surreal joy ride down the coast of Malibu”.

Kiki Holli explains:

I crave those long trips down Highway 10 to the PCH. During those twilight hours the sun and the waves overtake you and the world just seems right. That’s my happy place. It helps me find my center again in these unpredictable times.

I think that ‘NEW HIGH’ is a good song for all of us, transitioning out of our houses and from looking at each other through screens. That separation really does a number on your brain. ‘NEW HIGH’ is saying that we’re going to be alright, we’re making it through and coming out stronger.

KiKi Holli also has a new album in the works that focuses on relatable music and aims to be “a diary of hope for listeners across the globe”. 

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