Classic Hard Rock Band Talas Returns With ‘1985’

The classic Hard Rock band Talas, who were very active in the 70s and 80s, have returned with the album release 1985, which will arrive on September 23, 2022 via Metal Blade Records. They’ve also revealed the single “Crystal Clear”.

Formed in the early 70s and dissolved in 1985, Talas was an integral part of the early 80s Hard Rock scene. Bassist Billy Sheehan is rejoined by drummer Mark Miller and vocalist Phil Naro, as well as new recruit Kire Najdovski on guitar.

Asked why people should be excited for this comeback, Sheehan answers:

Because so many of them were there, with us, and a million other great bands that made the 80s such a special musical experience. And also there are so many who might not have been there but have fallen in love with that spirit as well. We feel a very special bond with them all.

There are hopes to tour the record, though sadly, after a long battle with cancer, Naro passed in 2021, but thankfully he recorded all of his parts prior to his death. The band feels that 1985 “stands as a great epitaph to a great vocalist”.

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