Mantar Goes On An Endless Journey With “Odysseus”

[Cover photo credit to Matthis Van Der Meulen]

German Metal duo Mantar have unveiled their latest video for “Odysseus” directed by Dennis Dirksen. The dark and atmospheric “hymn” comes via the band’s new full-length, Pain Is Forever And This Is The End, set to arrive on July 15th, 2022, via Metal Blade Records.

With their latest offering, guitarist/vocalist Hanno Klänhardt and drummer Erinc Sakarya have added more melody and an array of guitar tones, influenced by the artists the pair covered on 2020’s Grungetown Hooligans II collection which featured Mantar interpretations of songs from the likes of L7, Mudhoney, Sonic Youth, and The Jesus Lizard, all formative bands from their respective youths.

Hanno Klänhardt comments on their songwriting approach:

I tried to tweak the guitar sound more according to each individual song and its respective mood. We tried to steer away from ‘metal sound’ standards and more in a direction where you can hear different nuances in sound. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but we never were a part of any scene, therefore we don’t ‘owe’ a certain sound to anyone.

He also comments on “Odysseus”:

‘Odysseus’ is about letting go, about a never-ending journey, about the feeling of never arriving, of being lost and doomed to live life in circles, and about the precious value of sleep.

Lyrically, the tracks on the new album ask “uncomfortable questions about mortality, spirituality, and the illusion of “belonging”‘.

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