Lil Seyi Tells A Complete Story Cycle On The EP ‘A Blue Tesla Story’

Kitsuné Musique’s Lil Seyi has revealed the second track from his upcoming EP A Blue Tesla Story, which will arrive July 1st, 2022. In “Leather Free Seats,”  the protagonist of the EP “faces his demons and the painful events that await him” and the song employs a “joyful groove” that contrasts with the harsher elements of the story.

Earlier this month, Lil Seyi released “AC Press,” the EP’s first single and the introduction to the tale, which also has an accompanying music video setting the scene.

Born in Prince George’s County, Maryland to Nigerian Immigrants, music has always been a part of Lil Seyi’s life, learning guitar, drums, and production skills from a young age. After the release of several singles via Kitsuné Musique and his Remixes EP, he returns with A Blue Tesla Story.

The EP tells a story, intended to be listened to in its entirety, “from the perspective of a young protagonist who is determined to live up to his responsibilities as an artist”.

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