Syd Warwick’s “Lost The Light” Acknowledges The Pain Of Faded Love

[Cover photo credit to Cody Briggs]

Vancouver-based musician Syd Warwick has announced her debut EP, Sad Astra, for an August 26th, 2022 release via Nevado Music, sharing the first single Lost The Light along with a video. Warwick spent significant time and effort creating the sound she wanted for the EP, and finding the right collaborators to move from an Indie Folk sound to Pop Production. She found that collaboration in Producer Scott Currie (Kuri).

Discussing the single, Warwick notes:

‘Lost the Light’ is about the complexity of our relationships with one another, and with the world around us. It concerns the pain that follows faded love, or young love that was never meant to last. It’s about the feelings most of us fear when we know it’s time to leave. This is a song I feel most of us can in some way relate to, whether you know what it’s like to walk away from someone you love, or you’re still on that very personal journey of reaching for and creating the kinds of relationships you want for your life.

Sad Astra sets out to convey “a message of empowerment” for Warwick. She elaborates:

I’ve always wanted to be brave enough to feel the things I need to feel in order to move forward. And that’s what these songs are for me.

Syd Warwick previously released EPs under the moniker of Abraham, opening for acts such as Luca Fogale, Haley Blais, Jordan Klassen, and Fionn. Along with four large-scale Canadian tours, she has played many of Canada’s music festivals, such as CMW, Rifflandia, Westward Fest, Sunfest Country Music Festival and Song & Surf Music Festival.

‘Sad Astra’ EP cover art