The Nora Kelly Band Emerges With Alt-Country Born From Post-Punk

[Cover photo credit to Gabie Che]

In 2020, Montreal-based artist Nora Kelly was getting ready to release an album with her Post-Punk trio DISHPIT. By Spring 2022, the Nora Kelly Band emerged, an Alt-Country quartet. They released the single, Hymn for the Agnostics and they’ve followed that with Change My Mind ahead of some live performances, as well as a video for the latter.

Discussing “Change My Mind” Nora Kelly notes:

“The lyrics might sound like a familiar, pining love song, however, when I wrote it, I was actually trying to write from the perspective of my very close friend who was in a toxic, long term relationship. I was single at the time and filled with horror whenever she would vent about her boyfriend. It seemed like she wanted to leave, but even more than that she didn’t want to be alone. She was always hoping he would do something to ‘change her mind’, to justify her staying.

I filmed the music video on a recent trip to Arizona for my cousin’s wedding. After the festivities, my parents and I rented a car and drove around New Mexico for a few days. I’ve always been in love with the desert, and I shot everything I could. Being from Canada, nothing feels more magical than the desert. Along the way I would get my dad to hold the camera while I lip-synched along, embarrassing us all many times. My mom also makes several cameos in the video with her iPad.”

During the pandemic Kelly found herself writing tunes about “love, independence, and checking into the Purgatory Motel”. Last summer she and friends played her songs by railroad tracks that run by her neighborhood, and people came out to sing along until the cops chased them off. Words spread, propelling The Nora Kelly Band to play rowdy gigs at Montreal venues.

The Nora Kelly Band features Nora on vox/guitar, Ethan Soil (Fleece/DISHPIT) on drums, Michael Feurstack (Bell Orchestre) on pedal steel, Vader Ryderwood (Treasure Eyes) on bass, and Rachel Silverstein on keys. The tracks were mixed by Pietro Amato (The Luyas/Belle Orchestre).