Kuedo’s Synth-Driven ‘Infinite Window’ Arrives In July From Brainfeeder

[Cover photo credit to Robert Brundo]

Kuedo is set to release his new album Infinite Window on July 29th on the Brainfeeder record label, and it marks his first full-length album in six years. Lead single “Sliding Through Our Fingers” is out now to give a taste of the album that features “emotive synth composition”.

Kuedo says about the single:

The music gives me a feeling of how time slides past us, how we try to hold it. I thought of sand sliding through open fingers. And how time is such a blurry moving stream, like we dream of our future lives, that open horizon turns into memories, how the current time keeps recalling the past to us. How we just sail through time, no matter how we feel about that.

Infinite Window has been influenced by modern R&B artists like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd but also by composers such as David Axelrod, Tangerine Dream and the recently-departed Vangelis.

Kuedo adds:

I’m split between thinking about what makes spacey synth driven music production work, what makes rap and uk jungle work, and what makes pop and R&B work. I found myself turning more to what I just enjoy listening to, or to what’s really endured through history, even if it’s new to me. I realized that old music can speak to the current moment as well or better than new music. Particularly in terms of ecological, planetary anxieties, and hopes too.

Infinite Window follows a 2017 collaboration with label-head Flying Lotus on the Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 OST (directed by Cowboy Bebop director Shinichirō Watanabe), with Kuedo also scoring Metahaven’s Eurasia (Questions on Happiness) and The Sprawl (Propaganda About Propaganda) films.

Artwork by Monja & Vincent, Design by Raf Rennie

The limited edition yellow vinyl LP features artwork by visual artists Monja & Vincent and sleeve design by Raf Rennie (Acronym, Prada, Nike).

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