The Feelings Parade Encourages Connection Through Empathy With ‘Let It Move You’

[Cover photo credit to Bradley Cox]

San Francisco-based Indie duo The Feelings Parade have announced their debut album Let It Move You due out August 19th, 2022 and have also released their first track from the record, “The Tides” along with a video.

The single focuses on “the discomfort we feel when the temporary homes we build, whether it be relationships, identities, or self-images are inevitably taken from us”. The track opens the album with modular synth wave sounds created by Suzanne Ciani.

In discussing the song, both singer-songwriters, Scott Ferreter and Morgan Bolender say:

In some ways, the song represents the mindset we both met in. Practicing choosing the truth of the unknown over comfort and safety. Both verses sing, ‘your job my son…’ and ‘your job my daughter…’ are Scott singing to himself. In that way, there’s an honoring of a sort of spiritual queerness.

During the recording of Let It Move You, Morgan Bolender had unexpected brain surgery during the pandemic when visitors were not allowed in the hospital. While Scott Ferreter waited outside, Morgan sent voice recorded updates from the doctor that soon became part of the larger framework of the album and the interludes for each track.

Ferreter adds:

Every word we sing we’ve poured over; it has to ring true. And I think with this record, a lot of the feeling is — no wonder you’re hurting. It’s been unsafe to feel your feelings, from the time you were born. It’s about empathy. Let’s hurt together.