Beautiful Machines Comments On Breakdowns In Communication With “Baum Baum”

Electronic duo Beautiful Machines have released new single Baum Baum“. The song began in Berlin one winter during which time Stefanie Ku and Conrad Schuman visited Hansa Studios (Bowie, U2, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode).

The idea for the song came about when Conrad learned that there were thousands of unexploded “bombs” still posing a potentially catastrophic tragedy in the city of Berlin, left over from World War II. He imagined a “tree” breaking through the ground of a concrete jungle from a bombed-out city, life is starting anew. ‘Baum’ translates as “tree” from German, so the song title itself serves as a play on words and sounds.

The band comments:

During WWII, German military transmitted encoded messages with a device called an Enigma machine, which was said to have a code impossible to break. At the same time, the story of Babel explains the origins of the multiplicity of languages. Today, people live in these thought bubbles, finding digital tribes that support and reinforce whatever we think and believe, creating information silos. So, dialogue, in some sense, between people with differing opinions is becoming scarcer, which can ultimately lead to complete breakdown in communication, disinformation and programmed behavior – perhaps even war if we aren’t careful.

“Baum Baum” follows previous album singles “Control” and “Survive” and stems from the album and “experience” Singularity coming up from Republic of Music this Summer. Singularity will “blend technology with art, the digital with the humane” and will span music, visuals, and performance”.

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