A Tom Petty Quote Inspired ‘Travel Well’ From The Redhill Valleys

Hamilton, Ontario’s The Redhill Valleys are now set to release Travel Well (Disc One) on June 3rd, 2022, which includes “Finish Line,” its follow-up single “Anymore,” and four more tracks that represent a fusion of Rock and Country. The title track for the album has recently been released alongside a video.

The band is comprised of Tim Allard (guitar and vocals), Chelsea McWilliams (bass and vocals), Danielle Beaudin (guitar and vocals) and Matt Soliveri (drums and vocals), and their goal is to reflect the personality and style of each band member, as well as their range of musical influences in their songs.

Travel Well (Disc One) was co-produced by Tim Allard and the band’s longtime mentor Carl Jennings, with sessions taking place at various studios over the past six years, following the release of The Redhill Valleys’ self-titled debut album in 2016. Chelsea McWilliams says that the band experienced a lot of creative growth during that period, which she feels they were able to capture on the new songs.

She comments:

This is what the band has looked like and sounded like live for the past four or so years, so it’s exciting to have Travel Well represent that. Taking our time to make this record gave us the freedom to explore a much wider range of sounds, from soft ballads to grungy, bluesy rockers.

She also adds that the track “Travel Well” and album title were directly inspired by a Tom Petty quote about his favourite way to listen to music was while he was driving:

That statement summarized how I’ve always felt about music from a young age. When I would listen to music in the car, for some reason it always sounded better driving with the windows down. After living with just the song title for months, I sat down one day with a guitar and started writing the song with Tim’s voice in mind and the perspective of someone who has been weathered by a life on the road and being away from the one he loves. Naming the album Travel Well felt right too, because it really defines how we want these songs to be received by anyone who hears them. We hope the music and lyrics travel well and that they hold up during that windows-down listening experience.

Since 2016, The Redhill Valleys have performed throughout Central and Eastern Canada at Boots and Hearts, Big Sky Music Festival, Cavendish Beach Music Festival, and Elora Riverfest, as well as making U.S. appearances in Nashville and elsewhere.

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