Nightfall Cements Their Return To Live Performance With ‘In The Temple Of Ishtar’ EP

Greek Blackened Death Metal band Nightfall began performing again in 2021 after working purely on studio releases for nearly seven years. They have revealed an official live video for the song, “Meteor Gods,” which was recorded during their live ‘At Night We Play’ performance in Athens in November 2021. The song is taken from the band’s latest full-length, At Night We Prey.

The band has furthermore announced the release of a live EP, In the Temple of Ishtar, featuring two tracks from the same concert, which will be out on July 22, 2022 on all digital streaming platforms. In addition to new music, Season of Mist will also be re-issuing the band’s original albums that were produced by Holy Records back in the 90s.

Vocalist Efthimis Karadimas comments:

This is ‘Meteor Gods’ live! NIGHTFALL had been away from stages for long time, as dedicated studio act exclusively. But no more! No f***ing more! We now are in the process of reestablishing our old fame as a powerful live act, and this very video is exactly about that: The live experience. Together with the ‘Witches’ live video [recently uploaded in NIGHTFALL’s official YouTube channel] leave no doubts about why you must catch us live! We are so much into delivering our music on stage, there’s nothing that could bring us down.

The album At Night We Prey, is “about depression’s martyrdom and how societies mistreat and stigmatizing those who suffer”.

Karadimas comments on his own battle with depression which led the band away from performing live:

A beast I have experienced its teeth deep into my soul, I decided to come out and share that experience with metalheads. This is the least I can offer now to the big fight against depression. If we do not stop this, it will eat us all alive. Share your pain, speak openly about it. This is the only way to kill the demons in your mind.

Cover art by Travis Smith
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